Top Tips for Keeping Motivated in Winter   

Whether you are a professional athlete or a casual jogger, keeping your motivation to stay fit during the winter months can be hard. The evenings are shorter, the weather is colder and it can be more tempting to fall off the wagon! We have gathered our favourite tips for keeping focused this time of year. You can do it!

Set goals 

Make sure you have something to work towards, don’t just assume you’ll get it done! Think about what it is you are striving to achieve and break that down into goals over a certain timeframe. You will be more inclined to stay motivated if you know what you are working towards.  

Schedule your workouts into your day   

Plan your day to make sure you get your exercise in! If you incorporate it into your plan for your day, you will be less likely to skip it. If you’re a morning person, try schedule it for first thing – you will feel great and it will be over and done with for the day! 

Track your workouts with an app   

There are so many apps that can help you keep track of exercise – they really help to keep you focused and to monitor your short-term and long-term goals.  Most of them are free too! Try My Fitness Pal, Map My Run or Strava 

Get a workout buddy or join a group 

If you find it hard to stay motivated, this means it can be hard to hold yourself accountable for workouts or eating well. A workout buddy can be a great addition to your routine to combat this! Your buddy is counting on you to be on track with them, so you’ll be less likely to let them down.  

Don’t let sore joints hold you back 

If you suffer from aches and pains after exercising, it can be difficult to get motivated to go again. Make sure you are warming up before your workout and stretching properly afterwards. There are also supplements on the market that can alleviate these types of complaints. ZinCuFlex is a health food supplement with proven benefits for joint health. Combining the power of Ginger, Curcumin and vitamin C, ZinCuFlex® has been shown to support joint health. Vitamin C plays an essential role as it is recognised as helping to contribute to normal collagen formation and function of bones and cartilage. You can buy ZinCuFlex here 

Invest in winter activewear 

The thoughts of the weather being cold or wet might discourage you during the winter months, especially during the dark evenings. Make sure you have warm workout clothes and water-resistant gear, so you can get outdoors in all types of weather.  

Focus on how good you will feel in January when you don’t have to start from scratch! 

You know that feeling – the party season is over and it’s time to go back to reality. The first thing to get in check? Your fitness! Taking a back seat over the winter months can mean you have a bigger mountain to climb in January. Make sure you stay on track so in the new year, you’ll feel as good as you can! But don’t forget to enjoy the festivities as well!  

Fuel your fitness with good food & supplements  

It’s essential to start from the inside if you want to feel good about yourself. Water is so important – it is recommended you drink 8 glasses a day. Make sure you are eating a heathy, varied diet and that you are taking the supplements necessary for you to achieve your goals. We love Eskimo-3 Fish Oil! Omega-3 fatty acids are essential – they cannot be synthesised in the body and must be obtained from food. Omega-3 is vital for maintaining general health, heart health, brain function and vision. You can buy Eskimo-3 here 

Mix up your workouts – keep it varied 

Avoid getting bored of your workouts by changing it up! You can create different programs for your home or gym workouts and rotate them every few weeks, or even just changing the route you run/walk can be a huge help!  

Don’t hit the snooze button! 

First of all – make sure you are going to bed early enough to get your recommended 8 hours sleep. Then, don’t sleep in! When your first alarm goes off, get out of bed. You will be starting your day off on a productive note and you will feel better for it throughout the day. This is especially important if you are working out in the morning.  

 Let us know your tips on keeping motivated! 

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