Brand Ambassador: Shane Walsh!

New brand ambassador!

We are delighted to announce Shane Walsh as our new brand ambassador! Shane is a much loved Galway footballer with, at his young age, an already dazzling career in GAA – with more to come! After a fantastic season in 2018 that saw Galway stay in the championship until the later stages, Shane will be working with us during his off-season. Here in ZinCuFlex, we only work with ambassadors that believe in the product and have experienced the benefits first hand.

Influenced PR, representatives for Shane, have confirmed;  “Shane will be switching his training up & looking to add lean muscle over the winter months, and so ensuring his bones & cartilage are supported optimally is key for him to be ready for a huge 2019 season.”


To keep up to date with Shane’s ZinCuFlex journey, be sure to follow him and us online!




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