I love to run, but I get sore knees afterwards. Is there anything you can recommend that might help? I don’t like taking painkillers. Do you have any advice?

Knee pain is an incredibly common problem that can be caused by any number of reasons. The knee is particularly vulnerable to pain and damage, since it has to take your body’s full weight when you do things such as running or jumping. If you do a lot of sport, you run a higher risk of damaging your knees. Follow these lifestyle tips to reduce knee pain and improve recovery.

Inflammation is a common cause of knee pain after running, therefore you should follow an anti-inflammatory diet plan which comprises of fresh fruits, vegetables, green leafy vegetables, oily fish, raw nuts or seeds, beans, legumes, healthy fats, lean protein and wholegrains. Try to avoid inflammatory foods such as refined sugar, alcohol, cakes, pastries, deep fried foods or pizza. 

Getting the right balance of fats in the diet is vital to managing inflammation. Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are considered essential as our bodies cannot produce these fats, so we must obtain them from a healthy diet or through supplementation. While omega-6 is more readily available via diet, a massive 89% of Irish people are not consuming sufficient oily fish in their diet, so often there is a need to take a good quality omega-3 fish oil. Omega-3 helps to reduce inflammation and increase movement of the joints. To manage inflammation, I would recommend 2-3 portions of oily fish weekly (salmon, sardines, anchovies, mackerel, tuna) or taking a high-quality omega-3 fish oil such as Eskimo-3 or Eskimo-3 Extra daily.

Spices such as curcumin and ginger are good at reducing inflammation.Ginger and curcumin (the active part of turmeric) are well known for their benefits for joint health. Ginger is an extract which helps to maintain joint mobility and avoid morning stiffness. Altman et al (2001) found that among 247 patients with osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee with moderateto-severe pain, those taking ginger extract for six weeks experienced significant reduction in knee pain on standing, compared with those taking a placebo.

Curcumin helps to control inflammatory responses in the body, helps to protect joints and helps to maintain joint flexibility. Curcumin and Ginger extract both offer anti-inflammatory benefits, however they work synergistically as they both reduce different inflammatory markers, thereby having a complete anti-inflammatory effect. Try Zincuflex Joint Support which combines ginger and curcumin in a one-a-day complex.

Exercise and stretching are also an essential part of managing joint pain. Focus on stretching, range-of motionexercises and gradual progressive strength training. A physical or occupational therapist can help you develop an exercise program that’s right for you. Low impact exercises, such as swimming or cycling, can help improve strength and flexibility in the joints. As running is your passion, make sure to warm up thoroughly. Running and working out on cold muscles can exacerbate joint aches. 

After a running session, you should soakin a relaxing bath containing Epsom salts rich in magnesium. This is a great way to relax muscles and speed up recovery after a run. 

How ZinCuFlex May Help 

With powerful ingredients like curcumin, ginger and vitamin C, ZinCuFlex is an effective supplement that may help with mobility, inflammation and collagen formation. Ginger and curcumin (the active part of turmeric) in particular are well known for their benefits for joint health: Ginger helps to maintain joint mobility and avoid morning stiffness and curcumin helps to control inflammatory responses in the body. Vitamin C also plays an essential role, helping contribute to normal collagen formation and the function of bones and cartilage. The ginger and curcumin in the ZinCuFlex complex are in highly bio-available forms to aid absorption. This means greater levels of active curcumin can be released to support joint, brain and overall immune health.

An All-Rounder

ZinCuFlex – which is gluten-free and suitable for coeliacs – also acts as a great all-rounder for general health. It helps promote general immunity, energy and vitality so you’ll feel like the best version of yourself, from the inside out.

ZinCuFlex is available in health stores and pharmacies nationwide, and at ZinCuFlex.ie!

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